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Satellite Receivers



- Omegasat DSB6000U

- Omegasat DSB-5701

- Omegasat DSB-5700

- 16GB USB Flash Drive


Remotes & Extenders

- Wireless Extender

- Omegasat DSB5700

- Omegasat DSB5701




- ESX521FE Single LNBF

- Blue Blazer Ku LNBF

- ESX521UFE Single LNBF

- ESX521U-AM Monoblock

- ESX522FE Dual LNBF

- ESX522UFE Dual U. LNBF

- 521 Single LNBF

- 522 Dual LNBF

- 524U Quad LNBF

- ESX5421 Monoblock

- 741 CKU LNBF


- LKU1-2A Universal

- Chaparral Single LNB

- Stealth Bullet U1


- Star Bracket


C Band

- ESX211 C Band LNB

- ESX244 C Band LNBF

- ESX242 C Band LNBF

- ESX241 C Band LNBF

- 241 C Band LNBF

- 242 C Band LNBF
- 741 CKU LNBF

- NS741 C/Ku LNBF

- NS741U C/Ku LNBF

- WSKU2C Conical Scalar


Satellite Dishes

- WS7630 - 75cm Ku

- DS2076 - 76cm Ku

- WS9036 - 90cm Ku

- WS1247 - 120cm 

- WS1247M - 1.2m

- WS1870P - 6ft

- WS1870 - 1.8mts

- WS24095 - 240cm

- WSKU2C Conical Scalar

- WS40MM-P Clamp

LNBF Holders & Brackets





- R4-DTV


- WSKU2C Kit

- STAR Bracket


Motors & Controllers

- VBox-X Positioner
- SG-9120 HH Motor
- SG-9120B HH Motor
- PMA24 36V Actuator
- SG-6000 HH Motor


RS232 Cables

- RS232 Cables NM

- RS232 Cable Serial


Satellite Switches

- 22KHz Switch

- 4X1 DiSEqC Switch

- 4X1 DiSEqC With HD

- 2X1 DiSEqC Switch

- 3X4 Multi-Switch

- Diplexers


Satellite Installation

- FastAlign« 5100Pro

- FastAlign« 7100Pro

- DIY Install Kit

- Installation Tools

- SF95 Satellite Finder

- SF110+C Sat Finder

- DSF120+ Finder

- SF99 Finder Kit

-Sat Finder Battery Holder

-Installation Supplies


Satellite Meters & Finders

- FastAlign« 5100Pro

- FastAlign« 5110Pro

- FastAlign« 6100Mini

- FastAlign« 7100Pro

- SF95 Satellite Finder

- SF110+C Sat Finder

- DSF120+ Finder

- SF99 Finder Kit
-Sat Finder Battery Holder



Are you a broadcaster and need to get equipment to your viewers, affiliates, engineers, or resellers?  Contact WS International for our broadcasters program.  WS International pioneered the broadcaster program in the satellite industry.  Contact us for full detailed information and to see how we can help you with your needs.

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The WS International Line of C/Ku Band LNBFs

NS741 C & Standard Ku LNBF  NS741U C & Universal Ku LNBF
NS741 C & Ku Band Standard Ku & Quad Polar (Linear / Circular) C band & Standard Ku Band LNBF Combination (Combo) LNB & LNBF NS741U C & Ku Band Universal Ku & Quad Polar (Linear / Circular) C band & Universal Ku Band LNBF Combination (Combo) LNB & LNBF 
Technical Specifications C Band  Ku Band
Input Frequency: 3.4-4.2GHz  11.7-12.2GHz
Output Frequency: 950-1750MHz 950-1450MHz
LO Frequency: 5150MHz 10750MHz
Noise Figure: 13░K 0.2dB
Gain: 70dB 70dB
Technical Specifications C Band  Ku Band
Input Frequency: 3.4-4.2GHz  10.7-12.75GHz
Output Frequency: 950-1750MHz 950-2150MHz
LO Frequency: 5150MHz 9750/10600MHz
Noise Figure: 13░K 0.2dB
Gain: 70dB 70dB

New NS741 & NS741U C/Ku Band Combination LNBFs In Stock Now!


After a long wait, we are finally rolling out our new C/Ku LNBF.  Say goodbye to the old C/Ku combo LNBF that's sitting there on your dish underperforming and say hello to the new WS International NS741 C & Ku LNBF with all new PCB board and new circuitry.  The newly re-designed and re-engineered PCB makes the NS741 much more reliable than any other C/Ku combination LNBF in the market today.  You will get the highest possible signal quality along with the highest possible stability, combined with low noise interference will result in giving you a high stable satellite signal reception, uninterrupted day after day, month after month, and for many years to come!  Don't just settle for any C/Ku combo LNBF, choose the brand that offers you a 2-year warranty!  Look around, what other company gives you a two (2) year warranty?  None really!  WS International is the only company offering an unheard of 2-year warranty on all of its C, Ku, and C/Ku band LNB & LNBFs.  All of this while maintaining the lowest wholesale prices in the satellite industry not just in the United States, but all over North America.  You can also find WS International C/Ku band LNBFs in Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, and almost every other country in the world! 

The ORIGINAL BLUE Digital Satellite Finder, Now In Stock In Our USA Warehouse!


 Digital Satellite Finder

Now In Stock At Our USA facilities!!!


Due to demand from many of our customers, the same digital satellite finder that we first produced for several of our customers in Australia and New Zealand is now available at our warehouse in Atlanta and in Los Angeles.  The ORIGINAL BLUE digital satellite finder uses the same reliable technology as the WS International  DSF120+C digital satellite finder, for 40%-57% less than the cost of the DSF120+C digital satellite finder! 

If you currently sell a similar digital satellite finder, and want to save money on this finder, contact us or log in to our reseller site for pricing information.  You will be surprised at the cost of this finder.  The price is so low, you will wonder if we are making any profit at all!!!!  If you are not yet an authorized WS International reseller, what are you waiting for?  It's fast, it's easy and most importantly, it's FREE!!!!  Register within minutes and gain access to our reseller site where you can see our wholesale price list, plus you will see all of the products that we have on sale!  Thank you for your support.  We appreciate it very much.

The WS International Wireless Remote Control Extender

 Wireless Remote Control Extender


Wireless IR to RF remote control extender is finally in stock at WS International!  If you are an installer, you can easily sell this remote extender to your customers who want only one receiver, but connected to two TV sets.  Once they see this wireless  remote extender in action, they can't refuse!

This device installs within literally just a minute or two and needs no special wiring.  All you do is just plug it into a power outlet and you are ready to start using your original remote control to control any device (DVD Player, VCR, Roku media player box, stereo system, and more....) from another room.

These days, every household is hanging their TV's on the wall.  This being the case, many of them want to have their devices like satellite receiver, or DVD player in a closet either behind the wall or maybe even in the attic.  The only issue then is to control that device.  Well, worry no more!!!  You can use this remote extender to control all of those devices if they are placed next to each other in a closet or attic, and all you have to do is just hand your customer their own original remote control!  Who knows, they may like it so much that they may even give you tip!

If you are an online reseller, eBay reseller, or have a retail store, this is a must have item.  Look around the internet.  People are selling remote extenders right and left, and now you can get in on it with GOOD PROFIT because we provide the best prices on these remote extenders!

Log into the reseller site now for pricing information.  If you are not yet an authorized reseller or installer, it's fast, free, and easy to register.  You will gain access to our wholesale price list and see what products we have on sale all within just a minute or two.  It has never been easier to open an account.

All kinds and types of LNBF holders and brackets are now in stock!

We have received our shipment of virtually every kind of LNBF bracket and LNBF holders imaginable!  Check out these brackets for yourself.  If you sell on eBay or if you have an online webstore, these items are a must have.

Mount a Ku band LNBF on a DSS Dish! 
Adjustable 3 LNBF Holder! 
This Bracket Moves In Every Position Imaginable!  Literally!  Click to see photos.
Holds 4 DirecTV Type LNBF's  Holds 5 DISH Network Type LNBF's Heavy Duty Replaceme 40mm LNBF Holder

The All Newly Re-Designed LEXIUM DBS6600 Receiver

DBS6600 FTA RECEIVER Introducing the all newly re-designed

LEXIUM DBS6600 Receiver

Changes: Black Color, Front LED Display, Closed Captioning, & Built-In RS232 (DB9) Adapter For Easy Software Update! 

Dealers, login to the reseller site now for pricing! 


As many of you know, the new LEXIUM DBS6600 has become an overnight success since its introduction just a bit over two months ago.  The DBS6600 is a very unique satellite receiver.  The DBS6600 has all the advanced features and bells and whistles that you've ever wanted in an advanced FTA satellite receiver including a powerful blind scan, pass thru AC3 (Dolby Digital) audio, startup channel, just to name a few, but the reason this satellite receiver is a "simple" receiver is because it has only the necessary connections (inputs & outputs) so you are not paying for what you don't use.  The back panel of the DBS6600 includes a Ch3/4 RF modulator, aereal, or CATV input with built-in A/B switch, LNB/LNBF input, composit video output (RCA), and RS232/DB9 port for software update. 

Only having the necessary connections on the back of the receiver has allowed us to build a nice cost-effective satellite receiver and since we are sure of the quality of this product, we offer a full 2-year warranty on the unit.  Now, let's get to the "re-designed" part.  The older DBS6600 was missing a few things that this new model has.  These include front panel LED display to show the time or the channel number, a full RS232 port with the DB9 adapter built in for even easier software transfer and channel list update if you use the PC software, and now we are using a different brand and model tuner in order to improve the picture quality and give you a nice crisp and more clearer picture.  In addition, we have made the newly re-designed model black in color to match the demand of customers like you by matching todays color trend of TV sets.

Tele-Satellite Magazine

As many of your know, and have seen and read, you know that WS International was featured in the International TELE-Satellite Magazine, edition 1109.  Shortly after, the LEXIUM FastAlign« 7100Pro meter received a very favorable 9-page review and was featured in edition 1201. 

I'm happy to announce that just this past month, another LEXIUM product was featured in the International TELE-Satellite Magazine, edition number 1209 (September & October 2012), but this time, just like the first time that WS International was featured on the cover of the magazine, the LEXIUM FastAlign« 5110Pro also made it on the cover of the magazine.  The LEXIUM FastAlign« 5110Pro received a very good and favorable 10-page review in the magazine!

Check out the review by clicking here.  Regardless of whether competitors admit or not, and regardless what kind of false story they try to feed customers and regardless of their poor and false marketing statements & strategy they use against WS International and our product line, people in the industry all know a good and reliable product when they see it!  This is why the worlds largest satellite magazine, which is translated in 20 languages, and with circulations through out every country, has featured WS International and our products three times in the past 12 months.  Two of the three times, it was on the cover of the magazine.   

We could not have made it here without the support of our good customers like you!  Thank you for your support, your loyalty, your business, and your trust.  You are the reason all of us look forward to coming to work every single day! 


Why Buy From Us

WS International will always provide you with the lowest prices around from the beginning!  We don't overcharge you for years with high prices, and drop it when you find a lower priced source!  We price all of our products accordingly and with you and ethics in mind.  If you want an ethical and honest supplier, rely on WS International..... Read More Here



Private Label & OEM

If you've been thinking about private labeling your own brand of satellite products, but thought you had to buy in a huge volume, think again!  WS International is here to help.  We have dozens of customers for whom we private label many of our products, not only in the USA, but world-wide.  Some of our customers include online retailers, eBay & Amazon sellers, satellite distributors, satellite retailers, importers, ministries, sales agents and trading companies, organizations, satellite installers, small to large broadcasters, international home shopping networks, and much more....


Benefit of private labeling your own brand:

  • Instantly stand out from your competitors by offering a different brand.

  • Make more profit by getting the lowest prices on the products you already sell.

  • Advertise your company & your brand to build customer loyalty.  Did you know that loyal & repeat customers are more profitable and less costly to manage compared to new customers?

  • When you sell your own private brand, you have no competitors for the same brand of product, so you can maximize your profits.

This is why most often, grocery stores and department stores have their own "Store Brand"  Here is an interesting article.


When you use WS International to private label your products, you have no development cost because the products have already been developed and tweaked to our high standard of quality.


Some facts about private labeling, when you buy from WS International 

  • Low minimum order quantity.  Typically starting at only a few hundred pieces.  This is excellent for online retailers, eBay, & Amazon sellers.

  • No development costs.  The products you want to buy have already been developed, so you don't have to build the product from scratch and spend thousands of dollars in engineering and development fees.

  • We can modify most of our products to suit your need. 

  • We offer the latest and the highest quality products.  This means there are no surprises with the quality of the product you purchase from us.

  • We offer full warranty, as we do on our own products.  You are conducting business with a company right here in the USA. 

In addition to our distribution branches in Atlanta, GA USA, and Los Angeles, CA USA, we have offices in Zhuhai, and Guangzhou China where most of our products are made.  Click Here to see pictures and videos of the offices & factory.


Some of our best sellers are:

So if we have convinced you to private label your own products, click here to contact us and we'll be glad to lend a helping hand and offer cooperation.  Thank You.



DVB-S SD Satellite Receivers




Universal Ku Band LNBF

Remote Controls & Wireless Remote Extenders



Single Polarity C band LNB

C and Ku CKU Combo LNBF LNB Linear Circular


DiSEqC Motors & Actuators

DiSEqC & Multi Switches

LNBF Brackets

  Conical Satellite Scalar Ring, Brackets, Holders of LNBF 

Signal Finders / Identifiers

Installation Products

Online Store / Drop-Ship

WS International offers free drop-shipping for all online and eBay sellers.  While it's true that there is no minimum order requirement to purchase from WS International, but if you stock any inventory and order in quantities, we can provide you with special discounted prices.  Contact us now!!

OEM / ODM Services

WS International offers full service of private labeling of any of our products.  You maybe surprise at the minimum order quantity for most of our products.  If you need low quantities and can be flexible with your requirements, we can help.  Call us at 818-485-8350.


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