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Satellite Receivers



- Omegasat DSB6000U

- Omegasat DSB-5701

- Omegasat DSB-5700

- 16GB USB Flash Drive


Remotes & Extenders

- Wireless Extender

- Omegasat DSB5700

- Omegasat DSB5701




- ESX521FE Single LNBF

- Blue Blazer Ku LNBF

- ESX521UFE Single LNBF

- ESX521U-AM Monoblock

- ESX522FE Dual LNBF

- ESX522UFE Dual U. LNBF

- 521 Single LNBF

- 522 Dual LNBF

- 524U Quad LNBF

- ESX5421 Monoblock

- 741 CKU LNBF


- LKU1-2A Universal

- Chaparral Single LNB

- Stealth Bullet U1


- Star Bracket


C Band

- ESX211 C Band LNB

- ESX244 C Band LNBF

- ESX242 C Band LNBF

- ESX241 C Band LNBF

- 241 C Band LNBF

- 242 C Band LNBF
- 741 CKU LNBF

- NS741 C/Ku LNBF

- NS741U C/Ku LNBF

- WSKU2C Conical Scalar


Satellite Dishes

- WS7630 - 75cm Ku

- DS2076 - 76cm Ku

- WS9036 - 90cm Ku

- WS1247 - 120cm 

- WS1247M - 1.2m

- WS1870P - 6ft

- WS1870 - 1.8mts

- WS24095 - 240cm

- WSKU2C Conical Scalar

- WS40MM-P Clamp

LNBF Holders & Brackets





- R4-DTV


- WSKU2C Kit

- STAR Bracket


Motors & Controllers

- VBox-X Positioner
- SG-9120 HH Motor
- SG-9120B HH Motor
- PMA24 36V Actuator
- SG-6000 HH Motor


RS232 Cables

- RS232 Cables NM

- RS232 Cable Serial


Satellite Switches

- 22KHz Switch

- 4X1 DiSEqC Switch

- 4X1 DiSEqC With HD

- 2X1 DiSEqC Switch

- 3X4 Multi-Switch

- Diplexers


Satellite Installation

- FastAlign« 5100Pro

- FastAlign« 7100Pro

- DIY Install Kit

- Installation Tools

- SF95 Satellite Finder

- SF110+C Sat Finder

- DSF120+ Finder

- SF99 Finder Kit

-Sat Finder Battery Holder

-Installation Supplies


Satellite Meters & Finders

- FastAlign« 5100Pro

- FastAlign« 5110Pro

- FastAlign« 6100Mini

- FastAlign« 7100Pro

- SF95 Satellite Finder

- SF110+C Sat Finder

- DSF120+ Finder

- SF99 Finder Kit
-Sat Finder Battery Holder



Are you a broadcaster and need to get equipment to your viewers, affiliates, engineers, or resellers?  Contact WS International for our broadcasters program.  WS International pioneered the broadcaster program in the satellite industry.  Contact us for full detailed information and to see how we can help you with your needs.

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WS International ESX521U-FE Universal Single Ku Band LNB / LNBF

Universal Ku LNB / LNBF for FTA & Amazonas 

If you want the best, Rely On WS!


Model: ESX521U-FE

Universal Ku Band LNBF


The newest Universal Ku band LNBF from

WS Interntional!!

A high gain of 70dB & Low noise figure of 0.2dB along with a full 2-year replacement warranty makes this LNBF the best LNBF in the industry.  Excellent to use for any Free To Air satellite around the world.  Use it with Amazonas, Galaxy 19, SES 1, and many many other satellites for all of your favorite channels.


Longer neck allows for better F/D adjustment giving you control to adjust and get the best possible reception!


Try one out for yourself!  You'll be surprised by the performance & quality of this new ESX521-FE Standard LNBF, GUARANTEED!


Want to get signal from two satellites at the same using only one dish?  We have two solutions for you:


1.  Your first option is to use our 4-degree monoblock, model ESX5421U.  This LNBF allows you to use one dish and get signal from two satellites that are 4░ to 4.3░ apart.  Depending on the satellites you want to point to, you may need to use a larger than normal satellite dish.  For example, if you are getting signal from Galaxy 19 or SES 1 with a 75cm dish right now, you will need to use the ESX5421U LNBF with our world-famous 90cm dish (Model# WS9036) or any other 90cm satellite dish.


2.  Want to get signal from two satellites that are more than 4░ apart and still use 1 dish?  No problem.  You can use one of our ESX521U-AM 4░ to 12░ adjustable monoblock to get signal from any two Ku band satellites that are within 4░ to 12░ apart!


WS International is the exclusive manufacturer

and distributor of the ESX line of C, Ku, & CKu LNBFs

If you are in the satellite business throughout the USA, you will get the lowest prices

on your product and equipment from WS International!

Join our network of resellers, installers, & online dealers for excellent benefits!

Need to order in large quantities?  Contact Us Today!


If you are sick and tired of selling other inferior brands that only

offer a limited warranty, and not making money

because the market is flooded with these inferior products, give our equipment a try

and start making more money by offering a more reliable, and a

product with higher profit margin & better warranty.

Technical Specifications

Input Frequency Range 10.7 - 12.75 GHz
L.O. Frequency 9750/10600 MHz
L.O. Stability 1 MHz (-40 - +70░ c)
Ouput Frequency Range 950 - 2150 MHz
Noise .2dB typical
Conversion Gain 70dB typical
Input VSWR 2.5:1
Output VSWR 2.0:1 (max)
Connector F Type female
Impedence 75 ohm typical
Cross Polar Isolation >25dB (min.)
Image Rejection 45 dB (min.)
Phase Noise -50dBc @ 1 KHz
-75dBc @ 10 KHz
-95dBc @ 100KHz
Supply Voltage

Ca: 11.5 - 14.0 V = Vertical Polarization
Cb: 15.5 - 19.0 V = Horizontal Polarization

Operating Temperature -40 - +70 degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature -40 - +80 degrees Celsius
Relative Humidity 0 - 95 %
Throat Diameter 40mm

Want to know where the LNB & LNBFs that you purchase from WS International come from?

Take a tour inside of our factory.  WS International is the most credible and reliable manufacturer of satellite related products.  Here is a small glimpse inside our factory.  From our factory to your home.  Ever wondered how WS International can offer such high quality products at low prices?  It's simple: Thanks to our part supplier & supportive customers like you, we produce thousands upon thousands of units monthly, bringing our cost down and gaining leverage to negotiate prices from our part suppliers.  Enjoy these pictures and videos.

Check out some of these videos of various stages of manufacturing the LNBFs we sell:

Want to see more videos? Check out our Youtube page here.



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