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Satellite Receivers



- Omegasat DSB6000U

- Omegasat DSB-5701

- Omegasat DSB-5700

- 16GB USB Flash Drive


Remotes & Extenders

- Wireless Extender

- Omegasat DSB5700

- Omegasat DSB5701




- ESX521FE Single LNBF

- Blue Blazer Ku LNBF

- ESX521UFE Single LNBF

- ESX521U-AM Monoblock

- ESX522FE Dual LNBF

- ESX522UFE Dual U. LNBF

- 521 Single LNBF

- 522 Dual LNBF

- 524U Quad LNBF

- ESX5421 Monoblock

- 741 CKU LNBF


- LKU1-2A Universal

- Chaparral Single LNB

- Stealth Bullet U1


- Star Bracket


C Band

- ESX211 C Band LNB

- ESX244 C Band LNBF

- ESX242 C Band LNBF

- ESX241 C Band LNBF

- 241 C Band LNBF

- 242 C Band LNBF
- 741 CKU LNBF

- NS741 C/Ku LNBF

- NS741U C/Ku LNBF

- WSKU2C Conical Scalar


Satellite Dishes

- WS7630 - 75cm Ku

- DS2076 - 76cm Ku

- WS9036 - 90cm Ku

- WS1247 - 120cm 

- WS1247M - 1.2m

- WS1870P - 6ft

- WS1870 - 1.8mts

- WS24095 - 240cm

- WSKU2C Conical Scalar

- WS40MM-P Clamp

LNBF Holders & Brackets





- R4-DTV


- WSKU2C Kit

- STAR Bracket


Motors & Controllers

- VBox-X Positioner
- SG-9120 HH Motor
- SG-9120B HH Motor
- PMA24 36V Actuator
- SG-6000 HH Motor


RS232 Cables

- RS232 Cables NM

- RS232 Cable Serial


Satellite Switches

- 22KHz Switch

- 4X1 DiSEqC Switch

- 4X1 DiSEqC With HD

- 2X1 DiSEqC Switch

- 3X4 Multi-Switch

- Diplexers


Satellite Installation

- FastAlign« 5100Pro

- FastAlign« 7100Pro

- DIY Install Kit

- Installation Tools

- SF95 Satellite Finder

- SF110+C Sat Finder

- DSF120+ Finder

- SF99 Finder Kit

-Sat Finder Battery Holder

-Installation Supplies


Satellite Meters & Finders

- FastAlign« 5100Pro

- FastAlign« 5110Pro

- FastAlign« 6100Mini

- FastAlign« 7100Pro

- SF95 Satellite Finder

- SF110+C Sat Finder

- DSF120+ Finder

- SF99 Finder Kit
-Sat Finder Battery Holder



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LEXIUM Fastalign« 5110Pro Professional Satellite Meter

LEXIUM FastAlign 5110Pro

With 3-digit Azimuth Reading!


Be ware of look-alike meters on the market!  We stand behind our products 100%, and your satisfaction is guaranteed 100% when you purchase an original & genuine LEXIUM product!


The wait is over!  The best & most popular satellite meter in the industry is now better and improved!


The FastAlign 5110Pro is a direct replacement for the FastAlign 5100Pro professional satellite meter. 


Click Here To See The Improvements Over The Older model


There are several similar looking meters being sold under different brands.  These are not genuine LEXIUM meters, so don't be fooled or become a victim of marketing gimmicks by competing brands that looks similar to the original LEXIUM FastAlign 5110Pro or FastAlign 5100Pro, but only the LEXIUM brand of meters possess the Quicksweep Technology.   Most often, competitors can replicate the cosmetics, not not the technology!  Additionally, the LEXIUM FastAlign 5110Pro will show you a 3-digit azimuth reading! 


It's true!  Other meters just don't measure up to the genuine LEXIUM satellite meter with exclusive QuickSweep Technology!  That's right, the LEXIUM line of professional satellite meters are the only meters in the industry with the QuickSweep technology built in.


What is QuickSweep Technology?  QuickSweep technology in the LEXIUM line of meters allows the user to quickly move a satellite dish without having to worry about passing the targeted satellite because there is no lag time from the time that you lock in signal on your dish to the time that it's displayed on the meter.  As soon as signal is received on the satellite dish, the meter will display the signal level and quality and will show "LOCKED" on the screen.  Now you can move your dish fast & worry free! 


WS International offer the lowest price on the original LEXIUM meter.  Genuine LEXIUM line of satellite receivers and satellite signal meters are exclusively available from WS International!  If you are not an authorized WS International reseller or installer yet, it's easy & FREE to sign up.  Click Here to register today!


Your #1 choice to verify signal reception for Free To Air C/Ku Band, DISH Network, DirecTV, Bell, and much more...

The FastAlign 5110Pro is the most reliable satellite meter, without the price tag!


There are several main improvements that was made to the FastAlign 5100 model to create the FastAlign 5110 model:

1.  3-digit azimuth.  One of the most helpful improvement was to the azimuth reading.  The FastAlign 5100Pro model had a 2-digit read out  and you had to memorize a formula for your continent in order to calculate your true azimuth setting.  With the creation of the FastAlign 5110Pro model, you no longer have to do that.  The screen has a 3-digit readout that will automatically calculate & display your true 3-digit azimuth.


2.  New circuitry & PCB board that will draw less power while you are on stand-by mode.  This results in your meters battery lasting much longer than any other meter on the market today and allows the battery to be charged less. 

3.  New LCD display.  The new LCD display is now supplied to us from a different manufacturer.  The new display screen will allow you to better see the screen in direct sun light.

The display screen is divided up in 5 main sections.  You can see that all information and settings are all displayed on 1 easy to read screen!


1.  Section 1 displays 3 items based on your longitude and latitude position.  You can enter your longitude and latitude by moving the cursor to section 3 by pressing the Option/Local button several times.  Once your cursor is moved to section 3, press and hold down the 0 button until your cursor moves to section 4.  At this point, you can enter your longitude and latitude.  To find your longitude and latitude, simply visit this page of our site and enter your zip code.  Your longitude and latitude will be displayed right below the map.

A.  Your true azimuth of your target satellite.  The compass reading of which direction and degree you should point your dish.


B.  Your true elevation of your target satellite.  Most satellite dish antennas have this stamped on the back bracket of the satellite dish.


C.  Your true LNBF polarization angle.  This section will clearly tell you what direction and the precise degrees that you should turn and skew your LNBF for your desired satellite.

2.  This section displays the location of your satellite, the transponder frequency, transponder symbol rate, transponder polarization (13 = Vertical, 18 = Horizontal), 22KHz option, and the LO frequency for the LNBF you are using.  You can modify any of these settings based upon your targeted satellite by simply using the keys on the meter and using the Option/Local button to move between fields. 


3.  This section displays the which slot of where the satellite is recorded in the satellite meter.  You can store up to 300 different satellite position, that is pre-programmed in the meter, in addition to add up to 100 satellites that you may want to add. 


4.  This section will displays your latitude, longitude, battery life and other useful information about the function of the satellite meter.


5.  This section displays your signal level and quality bars, the signal to noise ratio, your true signal level reading in dBuV, dBm, & dBmV

Below is a detailed map of the new & improved FastAlign 5110Pro



1.  LNB/LNBF In.  Connection of LNB/LNBF to your satellite meter.

2.  Out to receiver.  This option is used for two main reasons.  One reason is if you run out of batteries, the receiver that this port is hooked to can actually power the meter allowing you to use the meter in-line.  Another reason is that if you want to check for picture on your satellite receiver, the meter will transfer the satellite signal to your satellite receiver.

3.  The new and improved LCD screen.  This screen is divided in 5 sections and all data and information including signal level and quality bars, satellite and TP specificaction, and satellite loaction specifications are all displayed on 1 easy to read screen.  The new LCD screen is much easier to read in direct sunlight.

4.  The options key switches between the pre-programmed satellite lists and also moves your cursor different fields so that you can make necessary modifications to the satellite and TP specifications

5.  Arrow left button and back light ON/OFF button.  Hold this button down for 3 seconds and yoru back light turns on or off so the meter can be used at night.

6.  Right arrow button and sound ON/OFF button.  Hold this button down for 3 seconds to turn the audio on or off..

7.  Save/Clear button.  This button saves your modified settings, or if you hold it down for 3 seconds, it will clear the field you're on currently.

8.  This button switches your meter reading from dBm to dBuV, and dBmV.

9.  Number pad.  Use these numbers to type frequencies or activate the signal search mode.

10.  Power button. This will switch your meter on or off.

11.  Status indicator.  Red light means the meter is charging and green light indicates the meter is working.

12.  USB data port.  Used to communicate with your computer or desktop.

13.  Charge port.  Used to plug in your wall or car charger.

14.  Mini speaker. 

The FastAlign« 5110Pro digital satellite meter is a professional grade satellite meter that allows a professional technician to align a satellite dish with ease.  Priced affordably low, yet offers all the options needed by a professional technician to easily and quickly install any satellite dish.

The FastAlign« 5110Pro allows the user to use the parameters of the hundreds of preprogrammed satellite settings in the FastAlign« 5110Pro or the user can edit the transponder, symbol rate, polarity, and LNBF LO frequency all on one screen & directly from the keyboard of the meter.  No need to connect and download new files, just type in the information and go. 

During the initial setup of the FastAlign« 5110Pro, the user can input his latitude and longitude and  the meter will automatically calculate the azimuth and elevation of the desired satellite based on the location of the satellite.

The satellite meter also features backlight to allow the satellite installer to install in the dark.  The screen is divided to 5 section. 

Accessories Supplied With the FastAlign« 5110Pro Satellite Meter

Neck Strap

The Neck Strap Allows you to easily hang the satellite meter from your neck during installation.

AC Power Cord

USA AC power cord plugs into the power transformer included with the meter.

AC to DC Power Transformer/Converter

Power converter & charger.  Charges your meter using standard AC power outlets. 

USB Data Cable

Allows you to update satellite and transponder data using your own PC or laptop.  See our software section here

DC Rapid Car Charger

Allows you to rapidly charge your satellite meter, in case you run low on batteries from your car.

Barrel Connectors

The satellite meter includes 2 standard barrel connectors.  Use them with the meter and when they wear out, just replace them with any other standard barrel connector.

How To:

Connect your battery:  For air security reasons and to ensure that your battery is not fully drained during shipping, the battery is unplugged when you first receive the meter.  Simply remove the meter from the yellow protective case.  The battery housing and door is located on the back of the satellite meter.  Open the door, and simply plug the battery into the power port inside the battery housing.  Your battery comes half way charged.  It's recommended that you allow the battery to fully charge for 4 hours before initial use.

Program the meter with your Longitude & Latitude:  When you turn the meter on, make sure your cursor is in section 3.  Press & hold the zero button for 3 seconds until the cursor moves to section 4.  Then simply type your latitude and longitude.  For E, W, N, or S, press any number button on the screen and the direction will change.  Choose the Option/Local button to change between the longitude and latitude fields.  If you don't know your longitude and latitude, you can easily find it based on your zip code by clicking here.  The longitude and latitude will be displayed right below the map.

Add a new satellite: The meter comes pre-programmed with 300 satellites.  It also allows you to program an additional 100 satellites based on your requirement.  Simply press and hold the Option/Local button for 3 seconds until you see the user programmable satellite lists.  Then simply scroll left or right until you see a satellite location with all zeros.  Simply use the keyboard to type the desired satellites location, transponder information, and LNBF LO frequency and press the "Save/C" button.  The satellite is now programmed in the meter.  Press the "Option/Local" button to change in between fields. 

Change transponder specifications:  When you turn the meter on, simply press the "Option/Local" button to move the cursor from one field to another and use the keypad to type in your correct LNBF LO frequency, TP frequency, symbol rate, and polarization.  Please keep in mind that 13V = Vertical and 18V = Horizontal.

1. Input frequency range: 950~2150 MHz

2. Signal field intensity range: 30 dBuV~105 dBuV

3. Measurement Unit: dBmV, dBuV, dBm

4. Measurement Accuracy: ▒1.5dB

5. Input Resistance: 75Ω

6. Symbol Rate: 2Msps-45Msps

7. Measurement Item: Signal Strength, Bit Error Rate, S/N

8. QPSK switch: automatic identification

9. 22KHz control: sustain

10. Audio output: Audio Tone

11. Display: Block code wide-temperature LCD

12. Memory content: 300 reserved positions for global list,

100 positions for user-defined list

13. LNB Power Supply: 13V, 18V, <500mA

14. PC Interface: USB

15. Adapter Power Supply: AC110V/60Hz 220V/50Hz ▒10%

16. Direct current input voltage: DC12V/2A

17. Output port input voltage range: DC12-23V

18. Battery working time: 2.5 hours continuously

19. Charging time: 4 to 6 hours

20. Working Temperature: 0~40C

21. Storage Temperature: -10~50C

22. Exterior Size: 142x82x35mm

23. Weight: 0.28 Kg without battery, 0.42 Kg with battery

24. Gross weight: 0.9 Kg





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