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Satellite Receivers



- Omegasat DSB6000U

- Omegasat DSB-5701

- Omegasat DSB-5700

- 16GB USB Flash Drive


Remotes & Extenders

- Wireless Extender

- Omegasat DSB5700

- Omegasat DSB5701




- ESX521FE Single LNBF

- Blue Blazer Ku LNBF

- ESX521UFE Single LNBF

- ESX521U-AM Monoblock

- ESX522FE Dual LNBF

- ESX522UFE Dual U. LNBF

- 521 Single LNBF

- 522 Dual LNBF

- 524U Quad LNBF

- ESX5421 Monoblock

- 741 CKU LNBF


- LKU1-2A Universal

- Chaparral Single LNB

- Stealth Bullet U1


- Star Bracket


C Band

- ESX211 C Band LNB

- ESX244 C Band LNBF

- ESX242 C Band LNBF

- ESX241 C Band LNBF

- 241 C Band LNBF

- 242 C Band LNBF
- 741 CKU LNBF

- NS741 C/Ku LNBF

- NS741U C/Ku LNBF

- WSKU2C Conical Scalar


Satellite Dishes

- WS7630 - 75cm Ku

- DS2076 - 76cm Ku

- WS9036 - 90cm Ku

- WS1247 - 120cm 

- WS1247M - 1.2m

- WS1870P - 6ft

- WS1870 - 1.8mts

- WS24095 - 240cm

- WSKU2C Conical Scalar

- WS40MM-P Clamp

LNBF Holders & Brackets





- R4-DTV


- WSKU2C Kit

- STAR Bracket


Motors & Controllers

- VBox-X Positioner
- SG-9120 HH Motor
- SG-9120B HH Motor
- PMA24 36V Actuator
- SG-6000 HH Motor


RS232 Cables

- RS232 Cables NM

- RS232 Cable Serial


Satellite Switches

- 22KHz Switch

- 4X1 DiSEqC Switch

- 4X1 DiSEqC With HD

- 2X1 DiSEqC Switch

- 3X4 Multi-Switch

- Diplexers


Satellite Installation

- FastAlign« 5100Pro

- FastAlign« 7100Pro

- DIY Install Kit

- Installation Tools

- SF95 Satellite Finder

- SF110+C Sat Finder

- DSF120+ Finder

- SF99 Finder Kit

-Sat Finder Battery Holder

-Installation Supplies


Satellite Meters & Finders

- FastAlign« 5100Pro

- FastAlign« 5110Pro

- FastAlign« 6100Mini

- FastAlign« 7100Pro

- SF95 Satellite Finder

- SF110+C Sat Finder

- DSF120+ Finder

- SF99 Finder Kit
-Sat Finder Battery Holder



Are you a broadcaster and need to get equipment to your viewers, affiliates, engineers, or resellers?  Contact WS International for our broadcasters program.  WS International pioneered the broadcaster program in the satellite industry.  Contact us for full detailed information and to see how we can help you with your needs.

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LEXIUM Fastalign« 6100Mini HD ( DVB-S / DVB-S2 ) MPEG4 Digital Satellite Finder / Meter

DVB-S2 High Definition HDTV Satellite Meter / Finder In-line


LEXIUM FastAlign 6100Mini

Easy To Use In-Line Satellite Meter

Works with DVB-S, DVB-S2 (HD)


Works and functions so well, it's perfect for every hobbyist, satellite enthusiast, & a professional technician.  Priced low enough to make it attractive to any end-user wanting to align or install his own satellite system!


This is the all new LEXIUM FastAlign« 6100Mini satellite finder / meter.  Don't let the "Mini" fool you.  This is a powerful DVB-S/DVB-S2 (High Definition), MPEG2 & MPEG4 satellite meter!  Since it's digital and you can program in the LNB/LNBF LO frequency along with your transponder frequency, you are able to verify signal reception 100% of the time.  The display is extremely easy to see, even in direct sunlight and the fonts displayed are extremely large unlike any other mini satellite finders on the market. 


The unit comes pre-programmed with 29 satellites.  You can program & save a full transponder list so you don't miss any transponders with low signal reception.  In addition to the pre-programmed satellites that are in the meter, you are able to add and save additional satellite names, add and save list of all the transponders on the satellite,  and program and save the LNB/LNBF LO frequency.  Everything is done via the control buttons of the meter so you never have to be caught off guard by being at a customers house and having to download new satellite list via a  computer.  All options are editable using the six large buttons on the front of the meter. 

Since this is an in-line meter, you can use the receiver to power up the meter, use the AC adapter that comes with the unit, in addition to using a battery holder & cable  available for purchase.  


You will not find a lower priced high-quality DVB-S2 MPEG4 satellite finder on the market!


Main Features:

  • Supports 0/22KHz & 13/18V switching

  • Supports DVB-S, DVB-S2, MPEG2 & MPEG4

  • Features a compass on the front of the unit

  • Displays signal quality & signal level

  • Generates Signal alert tone when signal is locked in

  • Multi standard demodulation & decoding

  • DC power pass to LNB/LNBF

  • Backlight LCD Display

  • Oversized LCD Display

Frequency Range 950-2150MHz Operating Temperature 0░-40░C
Input Level Range -65dBm~-25dBm Input & Output Connectors F type
Symbol rate 1 to 45Msps Impedance 75Ω
DiSEqC 1.0 Supported DC Power Input DC 12 ~20V


Universal Battery Holder & Power Cable
Universal battery holder & power cable can be purchased additionally to be used with any standard satellite finder, including the LEXIUM FastAlign 5110Pro, FastAlign« 6100Mini, SF95, SF110+C, & our DSF120+C


Battery Holder


13-18V DC Power Port  allows you to use an additional power inserter or power supply


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